Six Factors To Consider Before Buying Your Ceiling Fan

Six Factors To Consider Before Buying Your Ceiling Fan

Six Factors To Consider Before Buying Your Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are as important as wallpapers and furniture in any type of shelter. Aside from being an economical choice, it helps completes the over-all ambiance that every home owners are dreaming to achieve. When looking for fans and other cooling devices, be a clever buyer and consider the following factors:


Ceiling fans add wonderful touches and complete the character of the room. You can choose from varied colors, motif and materials. Consider that this cooling device should act as the final touch in the room. Choose from different lighting and materials such as cherry, pine, oak and teak. Select from decorative materials such as gold, brass, bronze, antique, chrome and pewter and other materials available in the market.


Ceiling fans can be used all year round. To make sure of this, look for a fan with reverse function to complement the weather. During the summer season it is best that the blades should be in a counter clockwise rotation to promote the circulation of cool air to fend off heat. During winter, the rotation of the ventilation fan should be in a clockwise rotation to push the warmers in a downward direction.

The pitch of the blade and its angle is also important because it reflects the movement of air as it is relative to the speed of the rotation.


A room with a higher ceiling requires a longer ceiling fan to promote better ventilation. For example, an eight (8) foot ceiling should have a ventilation fan of seven (7) inches long. If the fan is higher, the air circulation around the room is reduced.

Make sure that you have measured the room ceiling before making any purchases. On the other hand, you can also use rods that are available in the market to fix the length of the ceiling fans. Fortunately, there are fans available in the market today that are specifically designed for low ceilings. Take note or energy and electricity efficiency.

Small rooms can make do with smaller fans while bigger rooms should have a fan with a bigger sweep or try to consider small fans.


Make sure that parts of the ceiling fan are in good standing and of high value. Check out the following parts of the ceiling fan and make sure they are all in good condition – pull chains, fan direction switches (automatic or manual) and light switches. Check for hand held or wall mounted remote control units or remote control depending upon the manufacturer’s design.


Safety is a very important matter. Checking the electrical circuit and power supply needed for it should be done prior to buying a ceiling fan to prevent electrical overloading and avoid fire break out. Know if the circuit is capable of handling the fan and light, consequently to prevent over heating that may damage the ceiling fan. Also make sure that the location of the ceiling fan is also safe for everyone especially if you have babies and toddlers at home.


Ask these questions when inspecting the warranty: Does the warranty involve the motor? Does the warranty involve the blades? Does the warranty involve both? For how long will the warranty cover the purchase? Checking the warranty is important because it ensures the buyer that the product is authentic. Read carefully the terms of the warranty or better yet, ask the merchant regarding the scope of repair services and the validation period.



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